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  1. SlideProof - Agenda 

    1. How to transfer an Agenda Design from one presentation to another?
    2. Agenda Design corrupted / "Item SP Agenda Section not found in the Shapes collection"
  2. SlideProof - Check 

    1. How to activate a reminder to a check a presentation?
    2. How to share customizations of the SlideProof Check?
  3. SlideProof - Productivity 

    1. Alignment Compatibility for think-cell? Why you can not align think-cell charts with SlideProof.
    2. How to add commands to the Quick Access Toolbar.
  4. SlideProof - Troubleshooting 

    1. No SlideProof Ribbon Menu
    2. Buttons greyed out, disabled or inactive
    3. License not working / Trial expired
    4. Library Offline (empty, no results, no access)
    5. SlideProof performance / PowerPoint slow
  5. Frequently Asked 

    1. I have two PCs or laptops, do I need to buy licenses for each? No!
  6. SlideProof 

    1. No SlideProof Buttons / SlideProof add-In is disabled (after every restart).
    2. How to delete SlideProof Preferences? Where are the Preferences and Event Protocol stored?
    3. How to disable automatic updates for SlideProof?
    4. How to delete the demo content from the Library?
    5. Install SlideProof for a different user or for all users per machine.
  7. SlideProof - Library 

    1. How to remove Veodin SlideProof Demo Content (Icons and Maps etc.)
    2. How to publish multiple PowerPoint presentations or entire folders to the SlideProof Library
    3. Library Path for SharePoint Document Libary
    4. Could not translate URI to local or WebDAV path
    5. How to clear and delete the SlideProof Library Cache
  8. Corporate Use 

    1. Can I install without administrator rights ?
    2. Can KeyRocket be used in a larger organization?
    3. How to cancel KeyRocket Business Subscription?
    4. Is there a Business Case with more information about the productivity effects from KeyRocket?
    5. Is there a test version of KeyRocket ?
  9. KeyRocket - Manual (HowTo) 

    1. Turning off a specific tip.
    2. What does KeyRocket do? Why do people need KeyRocket?
    3. Installation - how to install KeyRocket
    4. Features Explained
    5. Options Menu
  10. KeyRocket - Issues & Installation 

    1. Frontier Version of the Chrome Extension "Shortcuts for Gmail"
    2. Enable Debug Output in KeyRocket for Chrome?
    3. KeyRocket not working with Office 2016?
    4. KeyRocket Unlock failed: Sorry Unlocking KeyRocket Premium failed: The HTTP request is unauthorized with client authentication scheme 'Negotiate'. The authentication header received from the server was 'Negotiate,NTLM'.
    5. How to find out which version of KeyRocket is installed?
  11. All articles 

    1. How can feedback data be kept local and not uploaded.
    2. Can I install without administrator rights ?
    3. How can I get in touch with you ?
    4. Turning off a specific tip.
    5. Frontier Version of the Chrome Extension "Shortcuts for Gmail"

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