Features Explained

1.Notifications (Shortcut Missed/Learned/Mastered)




KeyRocket knows exactly when to suggest a shortcut by analyzing your behavior and mouse click patterns. Shortcut windows only notify you of shortcuts when they have been missed three times. If you already know and frequently use a shortcut, KeyRocket will not attempt to suggest it. A shortcut is considered to be mastered after it has been used about ten times. The progress of mastering a shortcut is also tracked in a notification window. 

 2.Shortcut Browser


The shortcut browser is a wonderful resource that reveals all shortcuts for each application. It also explains interesting statistics regarding those shortcuts, such as the likelihood of one being introduced to you through a notification popup and overall popularity.

The Shortcut Browser can be accessed by pressing Win+Shift+K or by clicking on Shortcut Browser in the Options Menu in the System Tray.


3. Statistics Dashboard


The Statistics Dashboard within the Shortcut Browser is a unique view of your personal KeyRocket history; displaying Wasted Clicks, Shortcuts Used, Shortcuts Mastered along with your Shortcut Score. It can be accessed by clicking on the pie chart in the upper left-hand corner of the Shortcut Browser window.

3.Shortcut History 


History is accessed by right-clicking on the KeyRocket logo.

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