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Number of Notifications


The Number of Notifications menu allows users to choose how many and what time of shortcuts KeyRocket shows you.

None - This option completely disables KeyRocket's notifications, but does collect personal statistics for the Statistics Dashboard and Shortcut Challenges on KeyRocket Online. 

Basic - This setting is the default and will show notifications for the top 10 shortcuts used by all users and sequences (e.g. ALT→H→A→L) of an appropriate length according to a user's Keyboard Score. Notifications begin after a user has used the mouse to click something three times; to insure that it is an action that a user uses often.

Extended - This setting is the same as Basic, but a user's Shortcut Score is not taken into account when determining the length of sequences to show.

All - This option will show a shortcut notification every time KeyRocket recognizes that a shortcut could have been used.

Advanced Settings - This option allows you to customize the number and the frequency of the shortcuts that KeyRocket will show you.

Application Language


Application Language allows users to change the language of KeyRocket menus and notifications.

Upload Usage Data

We know privacy is a serious issue for people and we take steps to make sure that your private information stays that way.

First we do that by making it completely up to you whether you upload usage data or not. Second, we can assure you that we only collect information on which shortcuts you ignore, learn or master. Our motto is 'KeyRocket doesn't look at what you work on, only how you work'. Your usage data simply helps us determine the best way to help you learn. 

Moreover, the data is relayed to our servers using hashing functions, so even if the data is intercepted by some nefarious types, it would be useless.  


This option is pretty standard with programs like KeyRocket that run in the   Do you want KeyRocket to automatically start when you start windows? It does by default, otherwise you will need to start KeyRocket manually every time you want notifications to popup.

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