How to send us your log file

To send the normal log file:

  1. Right click the KeyRocket icon in the lower right of your screen
  2. Options > Open data folder ...
  3. Send us an email to and attach all files that are named .log most importantly VeodinKeyRocket.log

The log files are available under C:\Users\<USER_NAME>\AppData\Local\Veodin\KeyRocket 

Later, to dig further it would be of great help if you could send us your debug log. To do so you have to follow these instructions:

  1. Enable the debug logging from the KeyRocket Settings Menu "Options">"Write Debug Log"
  2. Click yes to restart KeyRocket and wait until KeyRocket has started again.
  3. Do some actions in your favorite programs that should trigger notifications.
  4. Send us the debug log file via email.  The debug log file should be located in C:\Users\<USER_NAME>\AppData\Local\Veodin\KeyRocket and is a file with suffix ".debug"
  5. Disable the debug logging you enabled in 1)

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