How to delete the demo content from the Library?

By default SlideProof comes with demo content like agenda designs, maps and others and to demonstrate the ability of the Library.

This content is stored in the users Personal Library in the file Veodin_SlideProof_Library.spzip.

To delete the demo content:
  1. Press library and "Show Personal Library in Explorer"
  2. From this folder, delete the following file: Veodin_SlideProof_Library.spzip
The Demo content should now be removed.
You can also delete the demo content by script:
  1. In the Explorer navigate to the Personal Library, most likely stored under "Documents/Slide Library"
  2. Delete the file Veodin_SlideProof_Library.spzip
We also offer additional content like Maps, Logos, Flags etc. Just ask us.

If you want to modify the demo content please get in touch to obtain the PowerPoint files (.pptx).

If you have any questions contact us!

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