How to transfer an Agenda Design from one presentation to another?

This article describes how to copy an existing agenda design from one document to another.

Alternative 1: Publish the Agenda Design

  1. Save the Source presentation under a new name (Save as)
  2. Press Publish > Agenda
  3. Switch to the Target presentation or master
  4. Press Library > Agenda to display the Agenda designs
  5. Double click on the Source design
Now your presentation should have the new Agenda Design.

Alternative 2:Copy the PowerPoint Layout

  1. Go to the target presentation
  2. Remove all existing Agenda Slides (either by deleting them manually or going to Agenda > Agenda Options and unticking ToC and Agenda Slides and then Agenda > Update).
  3. Switch to View > Master
  4. Scroll to the end and delete the Layout "SP Agenda Layout"
  5. Switch to the source presentation
  6. Switch to View > Master
  7. Scroll to the end and copy the Layout "SP Agenda Layout"
  8. Switch to the target presentation
  9. Paste the Agenda Layout
  10. Close the Master view
  11. Re-enable the Agenda or ToC Slides via Agenda > Options if you had disabled them
  Now your presentation should have the new Agenda Design.

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