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  1. After installation nothing happened and I have Norton Internet Security Installed.

  2. Agenda Design corrupted / "Item SP Agenda Section not found in the Shapes collection"

  3. Alignment Compatibility for think-cell? Why you can not align think-cell charts with SlideProof.

  4. Ausnahme von HRESULT: 0x800A01A8 bei

  5. Buttons greyed out, disabled or inactive

  6. Can I install without administrator rights ?

  7. Can KeyRocket be used in a larger organization?

  8. Can't edit or publish files and "Automation rights are not granted."

  9. Can't publish: .spzip already exists / is locked by another user

  10. Could not translate URI to local or WebDAV path

  11. Ctrl+F4 not working in Visual Studio 2008 with KeyRocket running

  12. Disable Custom Properties Dialog showing up when opening or inserting Library elements

  13. Disable, Deactive Addins

  14. Do I need to be online for the software to work?

  15. Does KeyRocket work on Mac/Apple?

  16. Does SlideProof work on Apple Mac?

  17. Enable Debug Output in KeyRocket for Chrome?

  18. Error during installation HRESULT : 0x800736B3

  19. Error during installation HRESULT: 0x80070020 "Exception occurred during store operation."

  20. Error: KeyRocket is unresponsive after the computer wakes from sleep

  21. Error: KeyRocket menus and popups are invisible / behind the main window (Windows XP)

  22. Error: The type initializer for System.Windows.Media.FontFamily threw an exception

  23. Features Explained

  24. Frontier Version of the Chrome Extension "Shortcuts for Gmail"

  25. How can feedback data be kept local and not uploaded.

  26. How can I add shortcuts to a particular application or contribute support for a new application

  27. How can I deactivate/activate autorun? (KeyRocket is not starting automatically)

  28. How can I get early access to new SlideProof features? How to install SlideProof Frontier?

  29. How can I get in touch with you ?

  30. How can I start the program? After the installation nothing happened?

  31. How can I uninstall KeyRocket?

  32. How do I remove or delete a KeyRocket Custom Shortcut or Exclusive Shortcut

  33. How do I update to the latest version of KeyRocket?

  34. How do think-cell and SlideProof work together

  35. How to activate (unlock) KeyRocket Premium? Where can I enter my license?

  36. How to activate a reminder to a check a presentation?

  37. How to add commands to the Quick Access Toolbar.

  38. How to apply my PPT Theme to Excel?

  39. How to cancel KeyRocket Business Subscription?

  40. How to clear and delete the SlideProof Library Cache

  41. How to create a Custom Shortcut

  42. How to delete SlideProof Preferences? Where are the Preferences and Event Protocol stored?

  43. How to delete the demo content from the Library?

  44. How to disable automatic updates for SlideProof?

  45. How to find out which version of KeyRocket is installed?

  46. How to integrate think-cell into SlideProof's ribbon?

  47. How to manually send us your preferences folder

  48. How to manually trigger the automatic update and activate it?

  49. How to publish multiple PowerPoint presentations or entire folders to the SlideProof Library

  50. How to remove Veodin SlideProof Demo Content (Icons and Maps etc.)

  51. How to send us your log file

  52. How to share customizations of the SlideProof Check?

  53. How to transfer an Agenda Design from one presentation to another?

  54. How to turn KeyRocket for Gmail off?

  55. How to uninstall SlideProof?

  56. I have two PCs or laptops, do I need to buy licenses for each? No!

  57. Install an older version of SlideProof (without automatic updates)

  58. Install SlideProof for a different user or for all users per machine.

  59. Install Veodin Certificate as Trusted Publisher

  60. Installation - how to install KeyRocket

  61. Installation failes with error message "Value does not fall within the expected range."

  62. Installation fails with error message ‘URLDownloadToCacheFile failed with HRESULT -2146697208'.

  63. Installation fails with error message ‘_filename_ has a different computed hash than specified in manifest'.

  64. Is the Office Starter edition supported by KeyRocket ?

  65. Is there a Business Case with more information about the productivity effects from KeyRocket?

  66. Is there a preview or beta version of KeyRocket? What is KeyRocket Frontier?

  67. Is there a test version of KeyRocket ?

  68. Is there an alternative/offline installer - MSI installer?

  69. KeyRocket and Excel VBA Debugging

  70. KeyRocket not working (not showing any tips)

  71. KeyRocket not working with Office 2016?

  72. KeyRocket Unlock failed: Sorry Unlocking KeyRocket Premium failed: The HTTP request is unauthorized with client authentication scheme 'Negotiate'. The authentication header received from the server was 'Negotiate,NTLM'.

  73. Library Offline (empty, no results, no access)

  74. Library Path for SharePoint Document Libary

  75. License not working / Trial expired

  76. No SlideProof Buttons / SlideProof add-In is disabled (after every restart).

  77. No SlideProof Ribbon Menu

  78. No templates when opening a new presentation in PowerPoint

  79. Options Menu

  80. Problem with Sony Vaio Notebook

  81. Resolve black boxes - multiple monitors and display settings

  82. Resolve yellow bar - Security Warning - Enable content

  83. Resolved: blank.pptm and blank.potm support "PowerPoint can't open this file because its file extension has changed. Make sure the format of the file matches the file extension."

  84. Send us the SlideProof log file

  85. Shapes (unknown member) : Invalid request. Clipboard is empty or contains data which may not be pasted here.

  86. Shortcut Conflicts - What can I do when a shortcut is already in use?

  87. SlideProof automatic updates / auto-update not working / not updating

  88. SlideProof could not insert shape

  89. SlideProof could not insert the requested slide Error HRESULT E_Fail has been returned from a call to a COM component.

  90. SlideProof license not working Exception "There was no endpoint listening at"

  91. SlideProof performance / PowerPoint slow

  92. Switch to SlideProof online license after unlocking with a license number.

  93. The software was installed under a different user account and now I can’t start it.

  94. Turning off a specific tip.

  95. What and how does KeyRocket track information?

  96. What are the productivity gains from using KeyRocket?

  97. What does KeyRocket do? Why do people need KeyRocket?

  98. When is the automatic update activated and installed?

  99. Where does KeyRocket store my preferences and data?

  100. Where is KeyRocket installed?

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