Enable Debug Output in KeyRocket for Chrome?

To set the debug variable so that there is more output in the console:

  1. go to settings > extensions > tick developer mode 
  2. make sure the extension updated to at least 
  3. left click the KeyRocket icon next to the address bar 
  4. right click inside the popup > inspect elemnt 
  5. click on "console" 
  6. copy paste the following 
    query chrome.extension.sendRequest({ method: "setLocalStorage", key: "keyrocket_debug", value:"true" }, function (response) { console.log(response.data); }); reload gmail page
  7. reload gmail page 
  8. press ctrl +shift + j to bring up the console (or right click anywhere + inspect element > console) 

Now whenever you click somewhere you should see the text/processed text / ariaLabel values for the click target and also the evaluation of the shortcuts in the extensions database. I hope you can spot the differences this way.

Any questions please ask help@veodin.com

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